Still alive

OK, been messing about reading old blog posts recently, and decided I need to get a bit more on this site to cover my more recent endeavours, if only so I can look back again in another 10 years and see what what I was up to.

Well it was 3 years of marriage yesterday, we’ve survived this long… The boys are growing up fast (a little too fast for my liking) and I’m now an actual software developer.

How things have changed in the last 10 years.




I keep getting this strange error on my PC from time to time, it seems to be with accessing one on my HDDs, but it’s not consistent and nothing on the interwebs seems to know about it either.


Hack attack

OK, so one of my sites got hacked today and the master SQL user password got reset. Slapped wrist for using one user across all my SQL databases, that has now been changed, as has the passwords for everything on the site, as well as a much stricter access rights for all SQL users.

I think it was some strange folk from Durka Durkastan and thankfully it wasn’t malicious other than a very strange page that was added claiming responsibility.

Not entirely sure how they got in however, maybe a vulnerability in WP, more likely something silly I’ve done in my own code by not parsing user input before running it on an SQL database.


Anyway, the site is a lot more secure now – ish.

Tempted by more shiny

I keep looking at the Nexus 4, it’s come down to a reasonable 200 quid or thereabouts for a decent one on eBay (it’s 279 on Google Play at the moment) and it’s been another 2 years since I got the Desire.

Right now I probably can’t afford it so I’ll hold of for a bit, although I think a swap to Virgin Mobile can save me 5-7 quid a month, so that’s a step in the right direction surely…

Yet more spam again

+447851088508: There’s still £2612.84 in your name, its compensation for the accident you had, to get it sent out ASAP fill out the form at
Thanks for that at 1a.m. this morning. Twats.

Finally got my update to ICS

After much mucking about and trying in vain to get my Desire S updated to the new ICS android build I finally got the update to work.

HTC released the update on their website at the end of August but no matter what I tried, I could not get it loaded to the phone at home.

Turns out I had the same problem as I had back when the original FroYo update came out. Updating from my Windows 7 PC at home just failed, but as soon as I tried from a Windows XP machine it updated first attempt.

Not sure why this is the case, others report running the update done on Win 7, but so far, this phone is having none of it. At least it’s updated now, and I think this is the end of support release so I won’t have to go through this rigmarole again, although I think the wife wants hers updated too some time.

Had enough

Same again from a different number now.

+447876324072: We have been trying to contact you about your PPi CLAIM, we still have £2308.34 in your name waiting to be sent to you . To get it sent out today reply PPi

Well it never end?

+447586614347: We have been trying to contact you about your PPi CLAIM, we still have £2308.34 in your name waiting to be sent to you . To get it sent out today reply PPi

The spam continues

+447787227773: Due to new legislation,those struggling with debt can now apply to have it written off.For more information text the word ‘INFO’ or to opt out text stop.

More phone spam

+447840111747: Borrow up to £750 today! All credit ratings welcome, quick application, 100% online, 15min decision – visit now Reply remove to stop

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